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Technician (Logistics)

Information Communication Technology
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NCISG HQ is looking for a Technician to support the Head Deployable Community of Interest (DCOI) Service Support Centre in managing and providing level 2 service support during operations and exercises within Logistics domain.

If you are expert in the Logistics domain and enjoy working in an international environment involving frequent exercise support and deployments, this post is for you.


General Background:

The NATO CIS Group conducts CIS operational planning and provides deployed/deployable CIS services and support in support of NATO military operations and exercises.  The NATO CIS Group is located at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of the two major military commands of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).



Location: Casteau/Mons, 60 Km south of Brussels (Belgium)

Division: J2/6


Post Context/Post Summary

The J2/6 Division is the technical coordination authority for Deployable Communication Information Systems and is responsible for the operational integration, coordination, direction and provision of required technical services for the NATO Communications Information Systems Group and NATO Signal Battalions.

The Technology and Service Management Branch is responsible for Deployable Communication Information Systems (DCIS) Technical and Service Management coordination and providing operational integration, operations and exercise architectures, support and guidance to NATO Communications Information Systems Group and NATO Signal Battalions.


Principal Duties

The incumbent's duties are:

  1. Performs a technical support role in the DCIS-wide level 2 support to COI/FAS services for operations and exercises, by holding a Level 2 permission level (specific DCIS Point-of-Presence) on at least two COI services within their area of responsibility:
  1. Responsible for the transition of systems and services to the operational environment.
  2. Performs authorized DCOI services software changes, following established procedures for quality, configuration control, testing, documentation and security.
  3. Performs system administration of UNIX, LINUX and Windows based systems.
  4. Performs the installation and pre-deployment/exercise setup of COI/FAS hardware and software.
  5. As required, performs COI/FAS systems tests prior to deployments/exercises to ensure proper configuration and operation of assigned systems.
  6. Performs interoperability tests for assigned COI/FAS applications and services.
  7. Performs the investigation and resolution of problems relating to COI/FAS systems.
  8. Performs COI/ FAS backups/recovery of Exercise and Operational systems and data.
  9. Collaborates in support of initial training – On Job Training (OJT) for newcomer personnel.
  10. Performs other duties as may be required.


Special Requirements and Additional Duties

Mandatory Deployment Post. The incumbent may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or TDY assignments, both within and outside NATO boundaries.  Such operational deployment may exceed 30 days duration up to 183 days in any period of 547 days and may be on short notice.

The work is normally performed in a Normal NATO office working environment.

Normal Working Conditions apply.

The risk of injury is categorised as: No Risk.


Essential Qualifications

A.        Professional/Experience

  1. Experience in the operational business processes in the Logistics COI Services domain.
  2. A minimum of three years’ experience in Core Information systems; this includes as a minimum two of the following: Windows Server, Active Directory, Domain Naming, Group Policies and Desktop deployment.
  3. A minimum of one year experience in web platforms and database management.
  4. A minimum of three years of experience in Application Support.
  5. A basic knowledge in Service Management.
  6. Good knowledge of system interoperability, LAN/WAN and network concepts.
  7. A minimum of one year experience deploying and managing server virtualization technologies.
  8. A basic knowledge of incident and change management procedures.
  9. Practical experience in creating system documentation and status reports.
  10. Proven experience in IT infrastructure management and capacity management.
  11. Good understanding of storage concepts, and backup/recovery policies.


B.        Education/Training

Higher Secondary education and intermediate vocational training which might lead to a formal qualification with 3 years of experience, or Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience.


C.        Language

English - SLP 3322 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.


Desirable Qualifications

A.        Professional Experience

  1. Experience in CIS operational support on NATO exercises.
  2. Proven experience in the support of the Logistics NATO Functional Systems / COI Services.
  3. Experience in user technical support, Service Desk operations and/or configuration management.
  4. Practical experience in the use of modern concepts and accepted industry standards for software engineering development tools (e.g. Unified Modelling Language (UML), Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams, etc.).
  5. Experience in the development/management of DBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, Postgresql).
  6. Experience in Web development, management of MS SharePoint, MS IIS and Apache Web Server.
  7. Experience in the use of UNIX/Linux systems.


B.        Education/Training

  1. MCSA or MCSE Certification.
  2. COBIT 5 Foundation.



A.        Personal Attributes

Very competent and skilled technician, with broad experience on support to COI systems on operations and exercises.

Some level of independent judgment is required.

A degree of initiative, as he can be deployed commanding a small support team to any deployed NATO HQ.


B.        Managerial Responsibilities

    1. Management of Workload

At the home location, the incumbent works as part of a team in the development of technical readiness linked to a specific DFAS deployment (mission, operation and/or exercise).  At the deployed location, the incumbent is responsible to manage a specific group of operational FAS applications, troubleshoot and repair level 2 incidents and to rapidly re-prioritize the work of level 3 engineers to correct the more technically complex incidents according to their severity, urgency or operational impact.


  1. Management/Control Workload of Others (Incl. Contractors)

Upon completion of initial training, the incumbent will be assigned to lead FAS support teams, assembled on an as-needed basis, in support of specific missions, operations and/or exercises.


  1. Financial Responsibility: None.


  1. Management/Control of Technical Resources

The incumbent is the primary level 2 support technician at a deployed location and, as such, is responsible for the operational management of the assigned FAS applications to the specific mission, operation and/or exercise.  As stated, the incumbent has level 2 control of incidents, advising service desk (level 1) technicians, correcting incidents at his/her level 2 area or, depending on the significance of the issue, making the decision to escalate the incident to level 3 CIS Engineers, and with NFS (NATO Force Structure) CIS technicians.


C.        Professional Contacts

When deployed, can be required to negotiate/provide support to CIS personnel up to OF-3/4 level.


D.        Contribution to Objectives

High impact to the overall NCISG objectives, as highly skilled technician responsible for DCOI level 2 support for several command and control systems.


E.        Supervisory Responsibilities

These posts report to OCG CRSL 0010 - Team Leader (Logistics).

There are no reporting responsibilities.




The candidature of NICs who are redundant will be given priority consideration provided their CHRM notifies SHAPE Recruitment Section by not later than the vacancy’s closing date.


Duration of contract: Serving staff members will be offered a contract according to the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPR). Newly recruited staff will be offered a definite duration contract of three years normally followed by an indefinite duration contract.   


Given the COVID19 situation the selection process for this post will proceed in phases at dates to be fixed according to the evolution of current limitations.




Applications are to be submitted using NATO Talent Acquisition Platform (NTAP) (https://nato.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobsearch.ftl?lang-en).  Applications submitted by other means (e.g. mail, e-mail, fax, etc) are not accepted. 


NTAP allows adding attachments.  A copy of the qualification/certificate covering the highest level of education required by the job description must be provided as an attachment.


Essential information must be included in the application form. Particular attention should be given to Education and Experience section of the application form. Each question should be answered completely.  Expressions such as “please see attached CV, please see annex / enclosed document” or invitations to follow links to personal webpages are not acceptable and will be disregarded. All answers should be in English (preferably) or in French.


Shortlisted candidates will be requested to provide original documentary evidence and a set of copies supporting statements in their applications.


Current and past civilians working for NATO or any Coordinated Organization, shall indicate their last grade and step held (next to job title), and specify the name of employing NATO body or Coordinated Organization.



A)          Only nationals from the 30 NATO member states can apply for vacancies at SHAPE. 

B)          Applications are automatically acknowledged within one working day after submission. In the absence of an acknowledgement please make sure the submission process is completed, or, re-submit the application.  

C)          Qualified redundant staff of the same grade interested in this post should inform this office, via their HR/Personnel Office by not later than vacancy’s closing date.

D)        Candidates’ individual telephone, e-mail or telefax enquiries cannot be dealt with. All candidates will receive an answer indicating the outcome of their application.

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